Sunday, February 12, 2012


Something happened that I didn't really blog about at the time and that was that Kyle and I got married. YEH!!

October 1st my mom was out visiting for one of her usual trips and we had persuaded Gary and Maureen (Kyle's brother and girlfriend in-law) up to meet my mom and hang out in the mountains. 

They arrived and we went headed further into the Sierra's to Bassi Falls to go hiking and check out the waterfall which is AMAZING. If you want to check it out on Google Earth go to 38.5333N 120.1950W, its at about 5,500ft elevation.

And at the top of the falls Kyle popped the question. I was completely surprised as was my mom and we were even more blown away that Kyle had, had Gary an official justice of the peace to perform marriages in the county for 90 days. Maureen has smuggled up flowers and a T-shirt that said Bride for me to wear. 

It was the most perfect day and I couldn't have dreamed in my wildest dreams that my wedding would be so amazing. Kyle went to so much planning and effort and both Gary and Maureen were amazing partners in crime for him, they are fabulous.

It was windy way up there so we all look a little blustery but from left to right is my mom Jo, me, Kyle, Gary and Maureen.

Of course my mom was over the moon, she adores Kyle, and was texting all her friends before we even got off the dirt road from the falls.

We had a fantastic dinner that night at the Sequoia House including our own personalized Wedding Cheesecake and some great Champagne. I think I was pretty quiet the whole day, just so stunned that we were actually married. I guess that is what it takes to shut me up.

My mom took more formal pictures the next day which is shown above. She also very generously got us a great wedding present.

Yes, we got a backhoe attachment for the tractor. Kim Kardashian eat your heart out, bet in your multi-million dollar wedding you didn't get a backhoe. Every girl's dream#(*$&@)$&#)

So now fast forward and we are in the thick of the house building so needless to say I will be cashing in on that postponed honeymoon as soon as this house is finished! 

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