Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Drill Showdown

One of the best Christmas presents ever was this drill set from Kyle and to this day it is still my favorite but recently Kyle (apparently jealous of my fabulous DeWalt set decided to get himself one.

But he, being a Milwaukee man, went with the Milwaukee equivalent of the mini DeWalt set.

So its been interesting to compare the two. The battery life seems comparable and the umph about the same. What is different is that the Milwaukee is slightly heavier. Not a big deal for Kyle but for me that is the main decision maker for a drill. So now not only do I not have to share my toys with Kyle but I know I have the lightest drill set I think that is out there. Worth every penny!


  1. As for me I love my Hitachi DS18DSAL 18V Lithium Ion Compact Pro Driver Drill with Flashlight (1.5Ah)

  2. My drill still has a cord and is from 1975 I think. So either one would be awesome for me! However, being a WI girl, props to Kyle for going Milwaukee :)