Thursday, February 23, 2012

Under the Cloak of Darkness

Finally at 7pm last night the first container arrived. I guess these guys are pretty busy and heading up here with one on the truck was delayed till later in the day. But she got here and was unloaded but it was dark already so I took shots of her this morning and then again when her sister arrived this afternoon.

Ms. Ming actually just arrived from China, really she did. They were unloaded earlier this week so she is going straight from one job to another. She is 15 yo and already has a better stamped passport than I do.

Her sister showed up this afternoon and was immediately settled in right next to her. Its a pretty cool set up these guys have for hauling these things (read: I have massive truck envy). Unloading them is the most interesting part. I call it the "Bump and Dump", they literally bump the truck and trailer back and forth till the containers shimmy down the trailer and then dump off the end.

While the whole time I am thinking, this is my kitchen they are throwing on the ground - BE CAREFUL!

Looking down from the kitchen toward the second bathroom and then at the end to the laundry room. Hard to imagine, I know.

The containers placed next the foundation is a tad nerve wracking. The containers look HUGE whereas the foundation looks tiny. In fact the foundation looks so small I swear our couch is going to take up the entire living room and have an arm sticking out the front door. Seeing something laid out on the floor with the only perspective being all of mother nature around you, it throws reality off. 

I just hope they fit!

Today the trip up to the mountains took Taylor (our container guy) a bit longer. There were crazy winds in the valley, 50+mph which is bad news for a 40' x 10' empty metal container. They got whipped all over the road so he had to pull over and wait it out till it died down.

Not the most aerodynamic outfit - you can imagine getting thrown around going over the causeway.

Other things that went on today, Kyle spent some time grinding and sanding some of the rusty spots and re-galvanizing the metal. They are in pretty great shape but need a little touch up here and there. He also cleaned the bottoms so they are ready to be placed on the metal plates. 

Tomorrow the first of the 45' arrives and then Saturday the final one.....Yeh!


  1. Yippee, now the interesting bit begins. When we were building our house I had the same problem, the foundation of the 16 x 20 den looked like it wouldn't hold two chairs. But when it was finished it was just fine.

  2. Do the neighbors think you are setting up a storage business? A rest home for retired shipping containers maybe?