Friday, February 3, 2012

Calm before the Storm

Shouldn't really say calm, should be nerves before the storm.

We (the royal we, I got nothing to do with it) have been pushing forward getting the forms built, placing over 1/2 a mile of rebar (this puppy ain't going anywhere), putting in steel plates to hold the containers, finding the exact measurements for window and door openings ("No Hannah, you can't have a bigger front door now"), inserting all the sleeves for electrical and plumbing to pass through the concrete wall, trying to locate the shy septic tank and make sure there is enough "fall" from the house to it so that "things" don't get blocked up and placing the plates for the shear walls, for East Coast peeps - that is for seismic protection, we have 8 shear walls in the containers alone.

There have been last minute trips to the construction supplier and overnight orders for bolts. Another rainy day didn't help but it is good to see the trenches drain well and no standing water.

 Jesus is one of Tim's team and is awesome but we owe him some cookies since Denali and Ziggy got into his car and ate a bag of his cookies. Naughty boys.

Ziggy apologizing to Jesus for eating his cookies (or looking for more)

Denali basking with a full tummy of cookies.

So all this work led up to the big formal inspection by the County Building Inspector as well as our Engineering team. This is where the nerves came in. We are pouring tomorrow and if they find one thing wrong it pushed everything back.

Tim, Kyle and the County Inspector inspecting the plans.

Tim and Kyle laying the metal plates to hold the containers.

All that rebar - over 1/2 a mile of the stuff and we aren't done yet.

Stay tuned for tomorrow - the BIG POUR! The point of no return.


  1. Bad Ziggy leading Denali astray like that...hope you baked, or bought, Jesus some more cookies. Keep the car doors closed Jesus. Keep the pics coming it is fascinating following each step.

  2. Thank God you have Jesus on your side. By the way, my understanding is that pecan sandies were served at the last supper.