Sunday, July 31, 2011

Warning, this post is detrimental to you pocketbook

One of the things we are struggling with making a decision on for the house is a stove. We know we want stand alone, 36", all gas, with multiple shelves in the oven (for multiple baking sheets full of doggy cookies).

We have looked at everything from Wolf, Viking, American Range, BlueStar, Dacor and the list goes on but all come with bad reviews of some sort and some have higher sticker shock than others but none compare to what I fell in love with today.

May I introduce to you the Ch√Ęteau Series from La Cornue. Made just outside of Paris, these stoves have got to the Porsche of the culinary world and are basically completely custom designed and made for you specifically.

But ultimately its like having a mad crush on Tom Sellick, read - its never going to happen. Why you ask? Simply put, the $103,150 price tag would just judge our budget a tad over. And when you amortize the cost over all the doggy cookies it would bake, its a pretty pricey pooch bakery.

So we will keep looking and reading reviews and just in case I will cruise Craigslist in  case anyone bought one, didn't like it and are willing to let it go for a few dollars.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Best Drill Set EVER!

Capitals and an exclamation mark - that is how crazy good this thing is.
After buying a couple of drills over the years, all different brands, Kyle got me a new DEWALT drill set last Christmas and its unbelievable.

First off, its small and very light. I have small hands and inevitably you are drilling or screwing in some awkward location and those heavy drills weigh on my arm. These things are so light and small they fit everywhere and I can hold them up for hours. BUT - they don't lack an ounce of power, in fact they are the most powerful drills I have used. They are easy to work, change bits and the batteries.....where do I begin. We just got back from a trip to AZ where we were working on my mom's property that has no power. I hadn't used the drills in a month or more, I plugged the battery in for 20 mins before we left and that sucker ran strong during all our work down there and never ran down. 

This is by far my most favorite tool and I really never rave about tools, they are tools, they are supposed to do the job they are built for, end of story. But these suckers go way above and beyond and make DIY so much fun and so easy. Can't recommend these enough.

Check them out - disclaimer: we paid in full for these tools from Amazon and have not been paid or taken any sort of remuneration for this review...they are just flipping good.