Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today was the day - Kyle went shopping for containers. I am sure he had fun but looking at the pictures I can't say it looked too hard, they all look the same.

But apparently we are getting four of these. Specifically we are getting two 40' high cube (9'6" tall) containers and two 45' high cube containers.

They are coming from the Port of Oakland.

And yes, part of our house will have "Made in China" stamped on it somewhere. These are the 40' containers we are getting.

Look how many of these things are just sitting there with nothing to do. Prior to the recession the U.S. was bringing in 10 containers for every 2 we shipped back out. I would imagine this discrepancy has scaled back somewhat as we reduce our imports - aka junk we buy at Walmart.

Kyle chose containers with little to no rust, no holes, although they patch everything before they ship them to us and ones that have not had major, noticeable spills in them. Most of these transport dry goods so they should be in good shape. They average about 8 years old but I will get more details on the ones we get once they get here.

Of course color or the name of the shipping company emblazoned across the side is irrelevant as the outside will be be covered with insulation and siding and the interior will be re-painted with Benjamin Moore (AF-70) Battenburg in semi-gloss and 2012 color of the year Benjamin Moore (HC-143) Wythe Blue in eggshell. Just kidding, I have no idea what the inside color will be, we are a long way from that point.

The first container arrives tomorrow and frustratingly they will be one delivered per day unless they can swing two trips in a day....(I will keep my opinion of that to myself). So stay tuned for delivery pics tomorrow and then next week the CRANE comes to position them.

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