Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Last One Landed

Now we have all our ducks containers in a row. The last of the girls arrived today after two flat trailer tires on the way up. These containers mover guys don't have it easy.

The last two to arrive are 45' containers that will make up the master bedroom, closet and bathroom. So -Yeh! I have a place to sleep now.

The one that arrived today is in near perfect condition inside which is very exciting. These containers are also Yang Ming which our great neighbor, Marie, informed us means Chinese Energy Meridian Flow - which sounds very soothing and positive.

So a little piece of useless information, a 45' container is merely a 40' container with mini-add-ons on each end.....go figure, real high tech here.

The cool thing about these two containers is that they still smell of the sea. Close your eyes, stand inside and you could be in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a container ship surrounded by thousands of pounds of useless Wal-Mart magical.

The crane comes on Wednesday to settle the girls into their new mountain home where they will live out their days.

Then the fun begins with the cutting, grinding and welding. Phew, its going to be crazy.

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