Friday, February 17, 2012


It seems like every great idea I have for the house I get shot down with one of two responses.
                                               "You can't do that its against code"
               "You can do that but we would need to add 12 more footings and 8 pieces of steel"
                                                     (for a doggy door, really?)

Well its quite obvious that this guy didn't build his house in El Dorado County!

So the next house I build will be in some remote spot of a developing country with little to no building code. Or Tuolomne County, CA, same thing;-)

The containers will be delivered next Wednesday, you can thank President's Day for that and then Tom our Crane guy will be up with a few volunteers to position the containers into place. This will be the point when we will start fielding the phone calls from our neighbors......hehehe!

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