Sunday, September 23, 2012

Still plodding

That is how it feels about now as we wait for our framer to get the roof started. We haven't run off to Bora Bora, though it is tempting;-) The past few weeks have been filled with ordering windows, fine tuning materials and ordering what we need for the roof, and some of the interior structures.

We are still making little changes here and there like using glulams for the roof structure instead of regular beams, a change which I am really excited about, they look so cool. We are also working on revising some of the interior earthquake supports, another change I am really excited about. More on those once we get the changes approved.

The windows have been an ongoing work in progress as we continue to fine tune what we want where and what style will work best. Many of the windows are crucial to the air flow and as substitutes for air conditioning so changing some window styles from awnings to casements were done because they will open further allowing for more air flow. We are using Serious Windows which are fiberglass and one of the highest efficiency window on the market and manufactured in the U.S The glass structure is a unique patented design with a suspended film inserted for superior u-value. We have low e-glass glass on the south and west side of the  house and high e-glass on the north and east to optimize solar heat reflection or gain depending on where we need it most.

I am excited to get the roof on and windows in as then the house will be buttoned up for the rain. Unfortunately the Serious Windows website leaves a lot to be desired in the way of ANY decent pictures of their products but hopefully you can get the idea. There is a home local to us that is near completion and who installed Serious Windows so we got to see them in person and in the same color we are ordering. The nice thing about fiberglass is that at any time in the future if you want to change the color of your windows, you can just paint them.

We got all the ICF walls cleaned up from the last concrete pour and worked to grind down the tops of the walls to be ready for the roof beams. Both Kyle and I have taken concrete baths as we use the wet grinder to clean up the concrete, you end up soaking wet and covered in light concrete dust....we both looked 30 years older with gray hair.

Next on the list for me is a trip to Las Vegas with mom, Jo, to pick up the Gigacrete and take get some lessons on how best to apply it. And for Kyle it will be working with Justin Anderson, our framer, to get the roof on and start the exterior steel studs. We have finalized what we will need for the spray foam insulation and will have George from Spray Foam Energy Solutions help us with that part as soon as the steel studs are in place.

The only part of the house left to finalize is the siding. We will use the Gigacrete exterior stucco type covering for the ICF portion but go back and forth for the containers. I think we are leaning toward a corrugated metal siding option with the bottom half laying vertically and the top half laying horizontal. Colors have also been a challenge and I have been going through this site to get ideas but I am only on page 19 and there are 319, talk about being paralyzed from too many options.

Good grief a whole post with no pictures, Ugh, I don't blame anyone who didn't get this point, I am bored just typing. Next post will be better, I promise.

Okay, I couldn't stand it. Here is a pool I have been drooling over, and yes, it is a sunken container. Check out more awesome container projects HERE, it is a great website.