Sunday, February 12, 2012

Second Concrete Pour

Friday was another bright and early morning meeting a concrete truck or two to pour the floor for the crawl space, and the walls and floor for the well access to the crawl space.

Not that this is the most exciting process but it provides us with a lovely smooth surface to try out some concrete finishes so we can choose what we want to do to the final floor surface on the house floor.

Hard to see but I engraved Ziggy, Denali and Wolf initials in the concrete. We will probably do their paw prints in the back patio concrete later on.

Then the floor was poured, this part is pretty cool. It looks like glass when its done, such a satisfying process.  

Tricky part is grooming the concrete till your stuck in the corner.

So now you do the big reach....

and then the long pole comes out.

Then you can kick back and admire your hard work and hope to goodness a dog doesn't come along and jump in - goodness knows they tried!

So next step is .....drumroll.......the part everyone has been waiting for. The containers!!!

I think Kyle found the best ones so we just need to get a few more pipes and drainage installed and give the concrete time to set up and then we can get them delivered and get the crane to place them.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Now it is going to get really interesting. Hope all those measurements are accurate and that everything fits together perfectly.