Monday, November 28, 2011


So things are finally happening - slowly but happening. We close on the loan hopefully in a week and a half. So the next big hurdle (although that is the HUGE hurdle in itself) is to magically eliminate this from our property.

There is a lot of interest in people wanting to take it which is our first hope but moving it is a challenge living on the Divide and being surrounded by canyons and there seems to be an issue with moving a mobile home of this age so we are checking that out today. (Though I hope that no more interested people from Craigslist call at 5:15am again)

If that option fails then we will demo it and send what we can for parts to a mobile home dealer/owner, recycle the rest and re-use what we can - no, not the molded shell sink of faux marble, happy restore will get that!

So once this lovely abode is gone we will break ground and we can't wait. I will never be so happy to see a big whole in the ground.