Monday, October 11, 2010

Pretty Container

A fabulous container guest house was just featured on Desire to Inspire (love that blog) - its a guest cottage made from a container and they did a fabulous job of mixing true container with an attractive cottagey feel.

Designed by Poteet Architects , here is a direct link to the posting.

They did such a great job, I love that its still container on the outside, but its not that noticeable or dirty looking, like some projects. Check out the blog and look at the cool composting toilet they put in, great idea to avoid putting in a septic system just for a small place or having to tie into existing and then getting all the hassle of the permits and putting another bedroom on your system and its probably  not rated for that. I think these new composting toilets are the way to go and even though $$, they are A LOT cheaper than digging up the septic and re-doing it!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Container Dormitory

How amazing would this have been when you were in Uni? Container dorms in Le Havre, France are made from used containers and each contain their own bathroom and kitchen....not too shabby.