Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Neighbors

When we first moved to the property there was a project that was just getting underway in the El Dorado Hills area. It was touted as a very green, prototype house that was utilizing ICF for both walls and floors. I found their website but at the time it was in its infancy and there was little information.

Fast forward to 2012 and a few of the guys working on our house mentioned this project and have worked on it, multiple times.

So if you have a spare moment check out our neighbors, technically not neighbors but you can see this house from our place.

http://www.casabellaverde.com/ - its something else.

Picture from Casabellaverde.com - artist rendering


  1. Did you know that we cast the concrete counter for their swim up bar? We did it during class.

  2. Your kidding, no I didn't know. I saw pics of the swim up bar, very fancy. That is great. If they get you to do their countertops give a holler, we are 15 mins from them.