Thursday, May 17, 2012

Won the Battle but Lost the War

In case you missed it we posted here about our new house guests that came to visit a tad premature, the house isn't even finished. They tried very hard to help us with the building of the house but their addition wasn't on the plans or approved by the county and we sure weren't going to pay the county permits for the extra square footage they had in mind.

So while trying to be the host that Martha Stewart would be proud of, we tactfully tried to convince them that the house plans as is would meet all our needs since these guys were just temporary guests.

Well, we won that battle but ultimately lost the war. They just moved in and added on upstairs and by the time we went up there and cottoned on to what they were building it was too late. They are here to stay and have reproduced to boot. 

I checked, Martha's website has no etiquette guidance for house guests that not only stay too long but decide to procreate. I am NOT babysitting this time! Though that did have a good ending.

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  1. Awww, they are so cute. Very funny post, and sure lightens the heart. Updates as to progress of babies please.