Friday, May 4, 2012

The breakthrough

A big milestone this past few days was the cutting out of the wall of the containers into the ICF portion of the house.

It is amazing how different it looks  both looking into the containers and standing in the containers looking out.

Taking out these panels was pretty easy. They were only one thickness (versus the two walls back to back like in the center) and they popped right out.

We used a long piece of angle iron as a guide to cut to get a nice straight finished edge.

It really is fantastic to look out at the view we will have.

And the containers look so much bigger inside.

And it gives much more relative scale to the ICF portion and you can envision the finished space.

The main activity keeping us busy is prepping the container floors for pouring the slab floor. This entails drilling holes everywhere there is a light switch, electrical outlet, drain, gas or water line.

And good grief, there are TONS of them. The floor is starting to look like swiss cheese with holes everywhere.

Making sure the placement is precise is critical as concrete is unyielding and thinking ahead as to how things will be plumbed in and out, how pipes will run and if it is exposed, if it has to be flush with the surface, sunken or can sit on top. brain hurts.

Now we are finishing up all these holes, the final footing is poured for the footing for the stairs and now we can lay the vapor barrier, insulation, rebar and then the pex....getting there.

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  1. Those spaces are so large it is hard to think how small it looked with the doors and walls. Total optical illusion. Things are starting to move along.