Sunday, May 6, 2012

Good to Know

So I have used a lot of polyurethane in my time and always despise the orange/yellow hue it leaves. When Kyle wanted to put up plywood panels in the utility I wanted to quickly seal them just so they were a bit more finished and were protected should we ever spring a leak in there.

I grabbed some remnant cans of poly that I had and inadvertently ended up doing a little finish test. I started off with Behr Crystal Clear Poly in satin and did one piece. After running out of that I switched to Ace Regular Poly in gloss. You can see from the pics that the Behr really is a lovely clear finish and the old school Ace is very orange.

So next shopping trip stocking up on the Behr and will see if the do the clear in a gloss finish. What a difference. Of course this is not a reflection of ACE products, just what traditional poly comes out like, they are all like this.

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