Monday, May 21, 2012

Big Fail

Ugh, serves us right for rushing, just making do, using the wrong thing because it was what as quickly available.

See the white painted wall in the utility room at the back left.....well........we were under a tight deadline to get the radiant installed and pressurized prior to the concrete pour and county inspection which required getting the radiant manifold on the wall. Kyle wanted to paint that wall so it was all done once the manifold went up.

So off I went quickly slapping on some primer I had on hand and then a coat of regular paint on top of that. Yes, I used traditional Home Depot latex paint, nothing fancy and was happy enough to get that wall painted, part of the next wall and some ceiling over the manifold done before an itching Kyle came in to start installing it. 

FAIL and not even just failed to adhere to the wall, it peeled off in sheets. I had a feeling it wasn't going to work long term as a quality paint job and that is why we ended up putting the plywood on the walls which turned out to be a much better solution and I figured the paint job that showed around the edges would be good enough. You can see the paint job around the edges of the plywood above.

Once the concrete was poured we decided it would be good to power wash the walls and ceilings (tell me how many people can power the inside of their home). Well, it certainly cleaned the walls very well and took off ALL the paint. Knowing it wasn't a good paint job to start with, though it was a tad demoralizing to see all the paint so easily wash off the walls, I could handle it flying off realizing I had to start all over again. What I didn't expect was those little paint chips getting EVERYWHERE.  So the clean up for this shoddy paint job will take 3x longer than the painting in the first place.

Off to the hardware store again to pick up some quality metal paint primer. What a difference it made. I tested it on a small part of the container and gave an initial coat to the propane tank (more on that makeover soon). And it made ALL the difference. It sticks for one, has great coverage, levels out all the inconsistencies on the surface. So it is back to more cleaning and then I can start on a good initial primer cover. Live and learn, though we should have known better.

Meanwhile Kyle has been busy burying some water lines on the property and the sewer line into the house so we can fill in the back of the foundation and get rid of the drawbridge, as seen below.

Next up is prepping the upstairs for the concrete pour. We are expecting the ICF block delivery in the next week and just got all the bucks for the window. I will post on all those once the blocks are onsite.


  1. frustrating but SO GREAT that it is all underway!!n

  2. So when you pour the concrete upstairs can you do it quietly so as not to disturb your guests? We don't want the little darlings stressed now do we?