Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Little Birdies

On Saturday as we were relaxing out on the deck, we found a little sparrow type baby who has fallen out his nest. We put him back a few times but  he kept falling into the netting we put up for them and then we watched  the nest for a few hours and the mom no longer was feeding him. So out he came and into his own private Condo.

He has been doing well, except for Monday morning as I got to work with NO food for him, I was seriously stressing. I dug for over 4 hours on Sunday and then again around work on Monday, and no worms. Where the heck are all the worms, no wonder our soil stinks!! To the rescue Katie and Danielle as they jetted off to Petco to pick up little containers of worms which birdie LOVES!

Since then he has been doing great, he is getting strong and big and strutting around. This morning his siblings flew their nest, well stumbled out of the nest, half flew, half fell onto the deck and then into the blackberries, where they will be safe till they figure out. Unfortunately, Birdie doesn't seem quite ready to fly away and prefers the safety of the Condo...he is still a tad smaller than his siblings so we will give him an extra day before the Tough Love kicks in and he will have to go it alone.

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