Sunday, July 5, 2009

Empty Nest

It finally happened and couldn't have had a more perfect ending. The little birdie - Twitter, flew the nest on Friday morning.

I was having trouble getting him to hunt and peck for his own food and I was going to be gone most of Friday so wanted to leave him in his house with some worms so he might figure it out when he became hungry. In the process of getting him into his house before I left he kept flying out and wouldn't stay still. So I took him out on the back deck and put him on the floor, hoping he might see the other birds flying around and get the idea of what he was SUPPOSED to do.

Not a minute after he was on the deck, who should fly up but his mother. I have no doubt in my mind it was his mom, she cam right up to  him by the back of the deck, stayed there for a few minutes and then flew back to the deck railing as if to say "come on, time to go". I made myself scarce at this point not wanting to scare mom away from showing her babe the ropes, the part of birdie raising I can't do.

When I poked my head back on the deck a minute or two later, Twitter was gone. I hung out for a while listening for him but nothing. He had a great start as it was morning and he had all day with him mom with no dangers (no kitties or doggies) and hopefully has figured out the flying thing and the searching for worms.

Good luck Twitter, come back and visit anytime.....

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