Sunday, May 6, 2012

Slab Insulation

Nothing like working on a blinding white surface on a sunny day. Kyle and Jim from Precision Concrete put down all the vapor barrier and slab insulation on Friday and then Kyle and I added the pieces on foundation wall. This puppy will be sealed up the wazoo.

Now if only my eye site would return after this blinding experience.

Tomorrow the rebar for the slab goes in and then we attach the pex tubing for the radiant heat, finish up the thousand holes for plumbing and electrical and then pour the slab.

The big yellow pipe is the electrical floor box for our kitchen island, the utility room is packed and we are installing plywood panels on the wall to hold all the fittings, electrical panels and manifold for the radiant.

Tthe concrete floor will be flush level with the top of the foundation here and that will be the final floor we will have so it has gotta be perfect;-)

The floor electrical outlet for the kitchen island. Was a doozy to get situated as it is right up again that rail and the concrete footing underneath. This will allow us to unplug the island and move it if we need to as it will be on wheels.

Pipes and holes, I really can't believe how many you need for a house.

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