Monday, May 11, 2009


We all have them. Those days where nothing seems to go right!! Well, we just had a whole weekend of this.

Thursday Kyle bought a brand new weed wacker. A fairly basic piece of equipment - nothing state of the art, they have been around for many, many years. We even went high end and got a Stihl, not cheap but supposedly a work horse....NOT! Friday evening I began, just the grass around the house, set it up, filled it with its special gas/oil mixture, actually read the manual, started her up and off we went. Had to stop to refill once and to fix the line - those things never work right, there must be a better solution there other than little bits of plastic string.

Halfway around the house (its a mobile home so its not that big) and stops. And doesn't start again. Saturday a phone call to the store where we got it - oh, probably nothing major, bring it in and I will fix it. Its over an hour away one way - the whole reason we spent this exorbitant amount of money was to avoid having to run to the fix it with smoke coming out of my ears I am off to take it to be fixed today. NOT HAPPY!

Then we got the mower attachment for the tractor - poor Kyle spent about 6 hours getting it put together and hooked up. Who writes these manuals, because the words that come out of them are the complete opposite of the accompanying diagram or picture. It was absurd at how difficult it was to get it going but we finally did and he got a good portion of the grass bcut to a manageable level.

Add to that we get in my car on Saturday night to go to dinner two doors down and the ignition won't stay on and the car keeps dying...hence I had drive home with my hand holding the key in the "on" position - DOES ANYTHING WORK!

Rant is over - off to the weed wacker man and the german, automotive specialist, let's hope something works by the end of the day!

Of course just when you are at your wits end with ridiculous mechanical devices you realize  that it could be much worse and things could be tougher, I rant in jest - I know we are fortunate and I appreciate all we have.

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