Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Tubs

I truly horrified most people when I fell in love with the idea of using a water trough as a bathtub, it was tastefully done (I thought). But I have a new love. Since we decided to build our own house ourselves we are really pushing to most of the work ourselves. Of course the foundation work and all the glass work will be done by professionals, I couldn't even begin to imagine doing that, plus foundation is kinda important so we don't roll down the hill one night and the windows are important both for efficiency and because they are the eyes of the house.

Anyway, I spent most of last summer taking concrete classes to learn how to do decorative concrete, countertops, sinks, fireplaces etc...a few times I have seen concrete used to make bathtubs. Its always stunning but knowing the ins and outs of working with concrete and the horrors of a leaking tub, it is quite a feat to undertake, not for the feint of heart, but seeing this tub, it may be a challenge I need to take on, my heart goes pitter patter for this baby....

I also love the floor on the right, those little pebbles on your feet in the morning, like you are walking through a riverbed on your way to the shower, love it!! Just wonder how hard they are to clean.

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