Monday, May 25, 2009


An amazingly cool concept - Papercrete is a mx of newspaper, junk mail, magazines etc.. with either sand, clay, cement, fly ash, glass fibers or anything similar. It is wetted and blended in a big milk shake mixer type thing. Then it is set to dry in the sun in the shape of blocks which are then used to build something, anything.

This is a picture of a papercrete house from Barry Fuller's website - Check it Out

Pneumatically Impacted Stabilized Earth or PISE is another type of material, its basically the French name for Rammed Earth but can also have its strength enhanced with cement. This also gives the softer look, much like papercrete or straw bale.

We will have site built walls in between the containers so we are deciding what we should use for those walls, papercrete, strawbale, rammed earth, cob, or SIP (Structural Insulated Panels). SIPS give the more angular, traditional wall look.

Though we aren't quite at that point where we need to make a decision, it won't be long and will just be one of the many decisions we will have to make. I will leave you with a pic of a gorgeous kitchen I saw today. As we go through this process we have an enormous binder full of magazine clippings and electronic folders full of save pics from websites. All great ideas!!!

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