Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Look Ma - no Doors

You know when you are little and you run around completely naked all the time, free as a bird with no inhibitions...well, some of us did.

Uhum, anyway - even sans real house design yet, I have (in true girly fashion) jumped ahead to decorating the inside of our new house. Just collecting ideas etc.. and one of the big things is "what are we going to put in the kitchen". Now, our lovely architects keep bandying around $90k kitchens - UH NO!

Plus I am more in the mix and match mood but one thing I am adamant on is to have open shelves instead of cabinets up top. I don't know why I want this freedom, I want to be uninhibited by doors (much like clothing) and get rid of the need to trap all my things behind little walls. Which is weird as I am an organizing freak (Jen G - remember the safety pins!) and I try to have storage containers for EVERYTHING! But when it comes to the kitchen I want open shelves.

So this leads to two issues - one is the dust. And with the puppies, there comes dust so I will have to be vigilant with the cleaning, okay, I can handle that. The other issue is that not everything you keep in the cupboards is attractive – who wants to see a tub of Quaker Oats out on display.

Well, I think my dishes are fine to be out, they haven’t embarrassed me yet. So for the food storage I am now on a container binge. I scour everywhere finding cool stainless steel and glass jars to house all the Quaker Oats!! Of course each one is labeled and even the labels are starting to get extravagant. So I think this open shelf thing might work after all.

This openness definitely seems to be a theme, the entire house is going to be open, pretty much one big room and the nice thing is, where we live, we don’t need curtains on most of the windows, just on the back of the house to filter out the bright sun. One less thing to have to pay and worry about.

Here are some pics of the shelf idea that I love….

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