Friday, May 15, 2009

The Pool

The property at one time had a lovely in ground pool on it. It was very nicely done (probably cost more than the house itself) but at some point they filled it in, completely.

We came and took out the pump and filters in the little pool house which became the doogy cottage. Kyle re-roofed it, added interior and exterior lighting and gutters. The pool itself has grown grass and though not perfectly level, isn't too bad. Right now its incorporated in the doggy oasis as the concrete is nice and cool for the Yeti.

In the future we are hoping to turn this area into the parking area with a solar array above as it has lovely, perfect southern exposure. And though we aim to keep the majority of the property natural and as is - this area needs some attention for those odd occasions when we ladies are teetering around on high heels, stalking through grass doesn't work.

Therefore I am thinking that permeable pavers are the way to go as this little area has a slight downhill leading into it so drainage is a must. The funny thing is how they advertise these things. Talk about buzz words being bandied around by people who don't really know - one site said "Sustainable Drainage" - do they really understand what sustainable means?

Anyway, I digress - here are some great shots of some types out there, though I love the ones that can grow the grass up between the pavers and of course there is the old English Cottage Path that always works, though maybe not that well in drought ridden CA!

There is a company called VAST that makes permeable pavers out of recycled material - now that is what I am talking about.

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