Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kansas City - here come container homes

Now Kansas City is plagued with a shipping container home, Missouri got two now, oh poor them. Hmmm, wonder what they will say when that sucker is left untouched and all those matchsticks homes are in pieces on the side of I-70.

Its a lovely house built by a native of the city who is also a toy designer (the coolest job ever). Very neat design, the only thing that bothers me as she touts the enviro friendly aspects of the home, is she designed the containers and had them built in China and then brought them here which goes against EVER single aspect of sustainable. She is not re-using, the cost and impact to ship them from China (just for her house, not in traditional import activities), not utilizing local labor to retrofit them, I could go on, hmmmm, sorta disappointing but we can still enjoy her design and the fact that she did it, she lives in shipping containers!!

There was another link but it got removed so trust the fabulous Apartment Therapy website to have covered it already - Love them!! So check out the house HERE!

This HOUSE is actually built in the foothills of Richmond, CA where I used to live. It utilizes 3 refrigerated shipping containers and the third one is cut in two and stacked on the right side of the house. We have been inside this house and its lovely, all open and light and flowing. They have a fabulous cat walk across between the two sets of containers that is open to below and the center part is site built. I love the greenhouse style jutting out windows that they use...

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