Tuesday, May 19, 2009

They're Baaacccckkkk

Wildfires have already started in California - therefore the wildfire season is underway. As of yet Kyle has not been called up, they are long weeks for these guys when they do get called and its always stressful and a logistical headache.

One of the reasons we are building with containers is to minimize our risk with wildfires. Metal shell and roof will be less likely to catch is a fire comes close. Of course interior fires are another issue.

One of the big pushes here in CA is the 100ft defensible space. Which as you drive by most houses, no one has. But this is so if a fire comes by it has a harder time getting close to your house to ignite. We are working hard on our place to create that but its very lush, green and grassy around the house, which is odd in CA. So we are looking at various native, fire resistive landscapes for the future. We want to utilize lots of rock and stone and native, drought tolerant, less fire fuel plants.

Here are some great shots from one landscape designer - I got these off of Michelle Kaufmann's website, the creator of the stunning and gorgeous Breeze House, she is brilliant.

How cool would this house be -

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