Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Container Home out there.....

The computer's relationship with digital camera is still in flux - I have contacted the computer gods in the sky (these magical men that work for my company and seem to exist only in cyberspace 24/7 at my beck and call) and they are working on it. So still no mid - project trailer pics yet. I do love Jen's suggestion of Red Rover as her name - that would be very cool.

In the meantime there is exciting breaking news....a new container home has been built in the Houston, TX area. Its lovely.

We are so excited that more and more container homes are being built. Not only to justify our madness but because these containers are abundant and such great building blocks. When they built this house - they had 10 contractor sized bags of trash - THAT IS IT. Build a stick built and say that, you can't! Oh, I can't wait to get started building....

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