Friday, April 17, 2009

New Stuff

Kyle just installed our new passive solar dryer and its fantastic. I have been using it everyday and it works so well, is so easy to use and fun....You got it, its a clothes line.

Not too high, more than enough clothes pegs (though I need a peg bag now) and out of the sun so the clothes don't fade but in the wind so they dry quick, smell great and it means a LOT less ironing.
 Kyle won't let me take a picture of it though because its location doesn't show off the best side of the house (there isn't really a best side, maybe the roof) and he says it just confirms that we are trailer trash for sure...sighhhhh, when will we become container squatters, oh I dream for the day. Of course Kyle never reads the blog so I can post whatever I want.....

Anyway, I digress. I haven't used the dryer (the electric one) for 2 weeks, take that PG&E!! I have also started collecting all the water that used to go down the drain while we were waiting for the hot water, I am keeping it in a big barrel so we have water for the flowers in the summer. It will be nice when we have the new house and this function will be plumbed right into the house as our greywater system. Till then I am enduring running out onto the front porch in my skivvies to empty full milk jugs of shower water...but its still completely worth it, it just makes sense.

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