Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our Family is Expanding

I know that will get some of yours' attention - No Kristy, not that way.
We got these great hummingbird feeders from a greyhound rescue place in Sonoma (get cool feeders, support greyhound rescue AND it comes from the BEST wine country and you have to drink the wine before using it for a feeder, win win) The feeders for the hummingbirds are on the left, its a upside wine bottle that sits in a copper hanger - go here to find them...

They are fabulous and in no time we had -

and then we had -

Yes, you counted right - 7!!
This is fabulous for us and with the deer, jack rabbits, cotton tails, woodpeckers, Stellar Jays, all the other little birdies including the one making her babies nest in my outside lantern and sundry other wildlife that pass through at night that only Denali sees (because he sleeps outside all night), we love it and are thrilled that they all come. But we are going to have to consider the exorbitant amounts of money we are now spending on Sugar and birdseed.....

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