Thursday, April 30, 2009

Puppy Love

One member of our team here in the foothills, is Denali. He is my mom's dog but is too big and rambunctious to live in Virginia so is out here with us till my mom can get here. He is rather large - 100+lbs and very tall, hence his name which actually means "the Tall One". (He is named after the mountain NOT the SUV, thank you very much).

Well, Big D, as we call him, or DeeDee, or Deedle or I call him the Yeti, Kyle calls him the Woolly Mammoth and Jess calls him Sasquatch. Some days he is called other things that won't be repeated as  my mom reads this blog and will wash my mouth if she knew what we really called her beloved son.

He is just very interested in the world around him, both on four legs and 2 (on 2 he is over 6ft tall). He is also very hairy, we pull the equivalent of 2 peekanees off him every week. (Denali is the one on the right) -

He has good days and bad days but overall we love him like crazy and he and Ziggy and Wolf are the bestest of friends. He and Ziggy fully entertain each other and I appreciate living in the wilderness knowing that the Yeti is outside looking out for us. More to deter some larger mammals than unwanted human visitors. But having said this there is a long list of his "accomplishments" a few are below -

The slippers weren't even 24 hours old he also has the ability to get itno trash cans and pull food from tables - so Kyle thought this would be a great idea - and people think we should get a goat - We have one!!

So far to date, I have now been snapped by these things over 6 times and Denali was snapped once, it went off as he was carrying it around in his mouth and he never even flinched. Plan B....

On a side note, I heard this piece on NPR yesterday about putting hair around plants to act as an insecticide and it also conserves water around the plant and has proven to help it grow 30% larger. Well, I think we should start marketing Denali hair, only problem is that they said that Blonde hair isn't as productive as brunettes - hmmmm, this is a good punchline in there somewhere.

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