Monday, April 20, 2009

Girl's day out inspiration

Kyle and I get inspiration from all kinds of places. We will be sitting in a coffee shop and all of a sudden Kyle will say, look at this fantastic door or ceiling. We have now gotten in the habit of checking out the architecture, interior and exterior designs everywhere we go.

Often times we come across great uses of corrugated metal both inside and outside. It has a very cool, modern, minimalist look that we like and with a splash of color can be very cool. This weekend "the girls" and I went to Nevada City to hang out and have lunch. A great little foothills town it has an obvious battle raging between the older miners and fur trappers and a very present Bohemian/Nepalese/Tibetan culture. Its an odd mix and it seems like each party has taken hold of one side of Main St. and the battle rages. I have to say I think the latter group may be winning. There are a ton of cool stores in Nevada City, a new one I found is 33 Degrees which has a great collection of salvaged goodies at amazing prices. The had a fantastic bar that I loved which incorporated corrugated metal -

There is also a Belly Dancing store whose entire ceiling is angling corrugated metal, its fantastic. We also came across a newly renovated building that utilized corrugated metal on the exterior with color.

Here are some other examples of corrugated metal used in homes -

And on a final note - I am in love with this tub - yes, for you horsey people, this is a water trough!!

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