Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We are very big on things that straight forward and utilitarian. No fluff and fancy, just good pieces and ideas that work and stand up.

Paper Towel Rack in Kitchen

Kyle loves utilizing pipe for so many applications and we have already started to incorporate some in our temporary house here.

TP Holder in Bathroom

The closet in our bedroom has lovely but not user friendly wood sliding doors. It made the closet hard to get into and very dark. So we took them off and put up a light, organic cotton curtain and hung it on a pipe. It worked so well as the curtain had a pocket header but also because the closet ends on one side at the perpendicular wall, which would have made a traditional curtain rail very hard to install. The pipe was super easy, looks great and the curtain slides so smoothly. The closet is now fantastic to find things and get in and out of.

We have other ideas for pipe including a bookcase that is in the works, future hanging bars for closets in the new house and who knows - lets see what else we can come up with, Stay tuned.....


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