Monday, April 27, 2009

My Faves

I thought I would share some of my favorite websites and blogs that I follow, as most of these I have found though someone else's blog or their recommendation.

First and foremost is Apartment Therapy, thank you Lesli and my Favorite blog is Chez Larsson, love this fabulous lady from Stockholm, Sweden and her cheerful outlook everyday and such great ideas, so simple.

I also enjoy Inhabitat, How to Recycle This, Ecofriend, DWELL Magazine and Sunset, UTMOST Fave magazine - NATURAL HOME who also have a BLOG who are also the publishers of Mother Earth and GRIT. We subscribe to a lot of magazines at home because we don't have TV and I hate sitting at the computer. We get a lot of use out the magazines, we keep most of them and refer back constantly to good articles, ideas or products and the ones we aren't enamored by I recycled into packaging materials etc..

Other blogs I love - Crafting a Green World, Eco Etsy Blog (the same people as, Ecofabulous, Unclutterer (to satisfy the OCD in me), Sheltriffic, Cleanistry, Remodelista, BeJane, DesignSponge, and Cottage Living (though they no longer publish, its a static site) and for those who live near an IKEA (sorry Carrie, I know you hate IKEA) this site is sometimes good for a laugh or creativity.

There are a slew of other sites that I follow but those are the ones that most often have really creative or intriguing ideas. Happy surfing

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