Tuesday, March 31, 2009

alternative post

So, my computer isn't recognizing my camera so I can't load any pics, Ughhh, so can't show you the mid-progress picture of the trailer. Oh well, next time, I promise.

Instead, this is a picture that has been bandied about amongst those who like to tease us with what we are planning on building..

Oh, yes, real funny. I actually think that might be fun!!

And along that note, when we were buying this property, we had a huge issue because the current house on the property is a double wide. Its an old double wide and wasn't HUD certified. So no one would loan on it and in fact we ended up with a land loan and devalued the land based on the cost to remove the double wide. Anyway, there was a lot of issue with what type of house this was, Mobile home, Manufactured home, trailer, modular.....you wouldn't believe how complex this became. So it was finally our fabulous realtor Kristina Augustin (Classic Country Properties -REMAX) that got it sorted out..so I sent her this

So that is about it and yes, if you would like to know, our current home is registered with the DMV and has a license plate on it - can you believe it!

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