Thursday, March 26, 2009

The things you do to build your own home

Part of building your own home is learning (hopefully in advance) how to do a lot of the skills you will need. Building with containers we knew there would be  a lot of welding. Now Kyle has welded before and has two welders. I had never welded before but always loved the thought of working with metal and hey, how many times had I watched my blacksmith do his thing, I must have picked up something along the way.

So we took a welding class this past summer at a non-profit welding school in Richmond, CA. Its a great school because it provides a lot of the local guys with great skills to take to the refineries in the area and they can earn great money. Unfortunately Kyle was the hit and I was there to learn to do my "artsy" projects - UGHHH!!!

Needless to say Kyle was welding in no time and I spent a lot of time cutting now I will be doing all the cutting out of container walls as I am an expert. There are some cool women welding sites out there and of course Richmond being home to Rosie the Riveter...go Rosie.

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