Friday, March 20, 2009

The Dirty Boys

Well, they are the soil guys. They come to your house and play in the dirt and then tell you if you dirt is strong enough to support a house (that's the important part of their job and why they are paid the big bucks).
So Kelly and his team (pictured below) from Foothill Geotechnical came by with their drill rig and drilled some holes in the front yard (like we don't have 3 dogs that do that already).

Well the first hole was not too successful - lots of quartz and decomposing granite accompanied by an enormous boulder under that. Smokes, they only got to 6 feet.

So a few more holes and then we hit - yes, you guessed it, water. (no, not gold!!) Anyway, they got 4 holes drilled and Kelly's first analysis is that the soil is very good for building a house on, we won't wash away down the hil or sink into a hole the size of the one in Peru.

Kelly also enlightened us to why we live on Shoo Fly Rd - and NO its not named after the stupid pie. (who ever wants to eat pie that has flies on it!!)

Shoo Fly is actually a type of slate that our road sits on, the Shoo Fly Complex sits in the Great Divide (that is what they call our area) - unfortunately there isn't much written about it but I will enlighten your geological minds as more info comes  in.

So next is to narrow down the plans for the house, oh boy, stay tuned...

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