Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Timer

So never blogged before, this could be fun, could be!! We are building a house, yikes. There, said it out loud.

We bought 23 acres in the foothills of the California Sierra Nevada Mountains and on it sits a very old and very cold double wide trailer. The Le Cruz '72 model...oh yeh, top of the line.

So it obviously can't stay, so we have to begin construction by this fall. So far we have had the property surveyed, soil borings taken and the architects are already exasperated with our indecision.

So building a house - whoopdeedooo, you say. Us and millions of others, no big deal. Well, we gotta be kind of different. Our house will be structurally supported with shipping containers, yes, you read correctly.

Its been done before but not much. We are hoping to build the majority of the house ourselves, partly because we love the hands on stuff and partly to get more house for our money.

So sit back and enjoy the ride...maybe take some bets on how long you think it will take us to finish!!

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