Saturday, March 21, 2009

People that make it happen

Obviously puchasing property in this current market is NOT an easy thing and purchasing remote acreage that has been foreclosed on and has a trailer on it is virtually impossible. But with the immense help of Dana Krause of Peak Capital and Kristina Augustin of Classic Country Properties - REMAX. Without them we would NOT be the proud owners of this luxurious double wide, they truly went above and beyond and pulled all tricks out of their hats to make sure this sale went through. They are truly godsends in this whole process and we owe them so much.
So now to introduce our architects, of whom I am sure you will hearing much more about. Organic Architect, Eric Corey Freed and his team David and Soojin have already begun to make inroads into the bizarre design we are pursuing. We had our first meeting last week and saw the stunning designs that they have come up with already. One in particular hit the nail on the head and prompted Kyle and I to go back, cut up a few 4x4 timbers and try to recreate a Barbie sized replica.

Anyway, it will be very unusual and modern and hopefully a lot less expensive to build than a traditional stick built home and mroe fire resistant, important when you are a firefighter and live in the middle of fire country.

So now we kicked these pics back to David and Soojin and are waiting to see some sketches on paper and elevation views to get a better idea of what it will look like. We are really excited about this design, its like Kyle's initial design on steroids. We are eager to start building.

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