Friday, March 27, 2009

The things you do to build your own home part 2

Its hard to categorize this one in that group because I actually started learning how to do this to start my own business, which is still the goal but maybe once the economy has left the toilet.

This past summer I took a bunch of Concrete classes learning how to cast concrete for home applications, countertops, fireplaces, sinks etc...Its amazing. It is so fun to work with such an industrial resource and make it so beautiful. I also am lucky because the two BEST guys that do this are located right here in the Bay Area - Buddy Rhodes and Fu Tung Cheng.

Their work is stunning and timeless. I learned so much and then things got even better. I was able to apprentice with Nick Relampagos at his company - It's Concrete.

Nick is amazing, his work is stunning and he does both the Buddy Rhodes and Cheng Design methods. He truly is very talented and has a great eye. It was so much fun to work with him and I learned so much from him. Now of course, like with anything, its time to go solo and try my hand alone. So the next few months will be starting small projects, some stepping stones to make a path from the house to the shop, some large planters for outside the house and then by the time the house is ready I can do the kitchen and bathroom countertops and sinks - not only saving HUGE $$$ but how amazing is it to work on a kitchen counter everyday that YOU made....I love that.

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