Monday, July 6, 2009

Post-Twitter recap

So my cohorts in initially rescuing Twitter were great friends Kathy and Katie. Well, Kathy's sister lives in NYC and upon learning of the Twitter story sent this recap that pretty much sums up the whole Twitter story -

" My sister Kathy and her friend Hannah found a newborn baby finch (christened Twitter) who's mom kicked it out of the nest because her was the runt.  They rescued poor little Twitter and actually dug up worms and chopped them into bite-size pieces for him. To get him to eat, they mimicked his mom by making high-pitched chirping noises.  Kathy had to go home, but Hannah continued to feed (actually buying high quality worms from the pet shop and still lovingly chopping them up) and care for little Twitter.  Twitter grew and flourished under Hannah's care and even took to hanging out with the computer mouse on Hannah's desk (see pictures below).  Every once in awhile he would chirp for food and flex his little wings, but he was content to hang with Hannah.

This afternoon, Hannah watched proudly as Twitter took his maiden voyage and soared through the air... where his mom promptly escorted him back to the nest.

WTF? Hannah feeds and raises this poor abandoned bird as she would her own child (actually making her underlings at work provide daycare services) and the mother reclaims it, with not so much as thanks to Twitter's foster mom?  The welfare system of this country is atrocious! I'm moving to Canada."

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