Thursday, July 16, 2009

Paint Brush Tip

So my Grandad was a fabulous painter, mostly oils. He actually painted all the street signs in Filey, Yorkshire, if you ever go see if any are still there. Well he was able to maintain paintbrushes for years, it truly was a gift.

Anyway, we have been oiling some furniture and new posts with Linseed Oil and have been left with a bunch of nasty, hard, crunchy paintbrushes. Even after a good soak in turps or mineral spirits they were still crunchy and useless. So I pulled out a little tiny old fashioned comb, the kind that McFly from Back to the Future would keep in his pocket protector. And I started combing the paintbrushes. I know, you are all thinking she has OFFICIALLY lost her mind combing paintbrushes. BUT IT WORKED. The suckers are good as new, it seperated all the bristles and made them soft and clean and fabulous again. So I salvaged 4 brushes - Now on to the next project.

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