Thursday, July 2, 2009

Of Mice and Men

Like we don't have enough to do around here - just when you think you have a plan and are actually ticking things OFF the list, something unplanned  happens that throws it all off and chaos ensues.

Last night we got to it and finally got our household composter built. We have been using a small wire netted area outside but it was a mess, the dogs could get into it, you couldn't turn it and it was drying out.  So we kicked butt (well Kyle did) and got our new one made. Pretty cool, huh. And we can rotate it daily and its got worms etc... just like it says in our fabulous composting book (thanks Mom for snagging that book at the flea market for 25 cents, its awesome).

Well, we had just got this finished and oiled and in place when this little outside faucet that we have, its in the middle of the garden and has had a little trickle of a leak so Kyle put a bird bath underneath it so put the little trickle to good use, though the only one that uses it is Ziggy as his personal drinking fountain.

Well this afternoon the dam broke. It slooged water everywhere and was flooding. So Kyle turned off the water at the go, that wasn't its source. So he went up to the shop, which has its own cistern and turned the water off there, that relieved the pressure but water still flowed. We finally figured that it was attached to the cistern and was now being gravity fed directly from the cistern. So Kyle dug down to the joint and we tried to detach the faucet.

He said twist, so I did, Oooops, it broke off. So now we had a true geyser. So we ran around collecting the water and irrigating everything we could. Every tree, plant and bush got a huge flood of water. Finally the cistern ran down and I was able to dig out around the pipe while Kyle went to the Depot (read Home Depot) to get the parts which is where he is now.

Morning Update - the new faucet is up and installed. We now wait to see how long it will take for the cistern to refill.. a good test for the property as to how much water we have available beneath us and traveling through.

Hmmm, wonder who won this David/Goliath match up......I can tell you the toy is no longer.

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