Monday, July 27, 2009


Just like they do hotel reviews and how a bad hotel can ruin your vacation...a bad campground can be just as bad or worse because because you aren't as private, you just haven't sunk as much into it as a hotel room.

A group of us went camping this weekend to Calaveras County in the Sierra Nevada Mountains just south of where we live now. Its gorgeous up there and in Alpine County near Lake Alpine. And we really did have a blast, we went to a concert and a hung out at Lake Alpine, plus its always fun to hang near the camp fire with great friends and good drinks!

I have found that the best campsites are in National Forests and Monuments....privately owned sites are terrible. Though we did have a good one in the Eastern Sierra's. This past weekend we stayed at the most squished campsite with barely enough elbow room to swing a cat. It was riddled with bees, the bathrooms weren't cleaned all weekend and we were nickel and dimed the whole way, even paying quarters for the shower!!! These private sites squish so many people into a tiny site to make so much money, its worth it to take the risk and go for a first come and first serve site at a public site and its cheaper.

I guess its a pot luck as to how good the site is and I searched the internet for a good RV review site but to no avail. Oh well, the weekend was still fun, just lesson learned, go early and secure a good site, its worth it!

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