Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What NOT to do

Living in an old trailer is actually becoming a blessing in disguise - it is showing us VERY quickly what NOT to to and have in our new house. From sockets and light fixtures being in the wrong spot to poor insulation and horrible windows, it is the fastest way to identify key things not to repeat in the new house.

In the kitchen we have this pantry cupboard, which sounds fantastic as its a big, deep cupboard that can hold a ton of stuff. But you can't find ANYTHING!! Its dark, too deep and we lose stuff in its depth which makes my whole plan to eat everything in the cupboard before we go shopping again, really hard. So as you can imagine when I saw this picture I fell in love!!

Other things is the lack of light switches, they are ALL in the wrong spots.

We put down cheap indoor/outdoor carpeting, thank you Beaulieu Carpet of America and Mr. Carl Bouckaert - you can't beat 42 cents/sq ft when you just need something on the floor for a year. BUT - with all the fox tails that are coming in on the dogs, they get ingrained into the carpet and won't vacuum out so I have to go on my hands and knees and pull them out individually.

The biggest thing I am looking forward to in the new house is having wide hallways and doorways. At the moment we have to dress in 3 different rooms, hanging stuff is in the bedroom, the dresser in the spare bedroom and the armoir is in the dining room, most of the furniture can't make is down the hallway and around the corner into our bedroom. It will be nice to dress in one room, I can't wait.

Of course things will never be perfect, that is the lovely thing about life, constantly improving and evolving but it sure is nice to be aware in advance of things that you wan't to avoid because they have become HUGE pet peeves!!!

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