Tuesday, June 23, 2009

That Camper Tub - where did it go?

So, I wrote a while ago about stripping down the old camper that was left on the property and converting it into a flat bed trailer for our tractor. That is still in the works but while pulling apart the camper we recycled just about every part of it. The glass in the windows was extracted from their frames and recycled and all the aluminum is off to the metal recycler. Some parts, the carpet, was not able to be recycled but the appliances were taken and stripped down and we kept the sink and tub.

 And this is what the tub looked like above and this is the new tub repurposed below.

I would definitely do things a little differently, I had a better idea for the siding but got to the Depot and got swept away with this cool, industrial looking siding and the stupid tub was all funky sized on each side so it took some wiggling to make things fit but hey, I got a free, nice looking planter. Unfortunately the Butterfly bush I planted in it, itsn't thrilled with its new home, I am hoping it settles and starts to like it, we will see. My green thrumb is more a yellowy, beige at the moment, I am working on it and learing along the way!!

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