Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Last year at the beginning of June we ventured up to Oregon one weekend and picked up our newly acquired little caravan. It is a burro and is 17' long. We christened him GIMLEY as he is tough, short and keeps on trucking. He is fabulous and though we haven't been able to use him as much as we would like, he is fantastic to have, our little home away from home.

Here is a shot of Gimley inside - HAHAHA - just kidding. Not quite so grand.

Our first trip with Gimley was to the Eastern Sierra's the very week Ziggy arrived, so Ziggy has a little connection with Gimley, it was his first home. Since then Gimley has come in very handy for somewhere to live when we first bought the property as the house was not habitable. He was warm and cozy and a god send, really. Its nice to have something we can travel with the dogs in, it makes road trips really fun. Not to mention inexpensive.

Gimley's next trip is to see Super Diamond in July - can't wait to rock it out in Gimley!!

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