Friday, June 26, 2009

Newest Addition to the Family

Well, we (Jo) did it again, another addition to the family. At the moment he is unnamed though my mom loves the name Ryder...we will see if it sticks, my vote is for Basil. So Noname, as we will call him for now was found in Georgia along with his brother Wiley who is now part of Amy Daum's family, and is a suspected result of a house foreclosure. They seemed to have been kicked out and have been living on the street for about 2 months before strolling onto the Chattahoochee Hills property where Rich Temple picked them up and relocated them to Virginia.

So far he seems to have a fabulous temperament and though painfully skinny, settling in well with Puzzle and learning the ropes quickly. I think he will be the perfect addition to the East Coast portion of our family and we are excited for the day when he makes his move West with Jo and Miss Puzzle and can meet his West coast family (who run free and naked all day long, little hooligans).

So welcome little Noname, we are thrilled to have you and your crazy long tail!!

Update to post - 8-5-2009 - His name is Grady.


  1. Isn't he, and he is turning out to be SUCH a well behaved boy and Puzzle LOVES him!!

  2. The handsome one's name is now Grady and he is unbelievable. Follows me everywhere and sleeps all day at my feet. A real gem and Hannah is right, he is a very welcome addition to the family.