Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cook it

We are starting to get to the point where we have to nail down smaller and smaller decisions and I am not ready. I love the looking and dreaming and picking out 8 light fixtures that I like, not having to decide on one, that will lock me in for life to look at it, turn it on and work under it forever, the permanency of it all is scary. Just kidding, we really don't take life that seriously, its just a light, it can be changed or really, how awful can it be, as long as its decent looking and provides light, that is our philosophy, somewhat attractive but MUST be utilitarian.

It hard to nail down the specifics in that regard too, how much light will you need, how big a stove will you need, what will work with what. The stove thing has been interesting. From the get go we have revolted against the $120k kitchen, sorry, I know its the big ticket item in a house with lots of payback, we aren't building this home with that in mind and it would horrify me to pay that kind of money for a kitchen I probably wouldn't be happy with. I have seen these boo-co bucks kitchens and haven't liked any of them. The kitchen in particular needs to be very efficient and highly utilitarian, less matchy-matchy. BUT appliances are a huge part of that and a good investment in a great appliance can go along way in both longevity, usefulness and efficiency. Obviously Energy Star ratings are very important to us, and though we aren't gourmet cooks, we do use our appliances as we try to always eat at home.

We bought a new fridge when we moved into the temporary house, it was the highest efficiency fridge you could get for its size (we didn't want one of those commercial jobbies) and we are thrilled with it. The French Door design lends itself to easy access with only opening as much of the fridge as is necessary and we didn't get the in door water and ice as we don't use it (we prefer the tap) and it takes up key room in the fridge that is needed for other items. The stove is another issue altogether. I have read a few blogs lately where the people have said that investment in your stove is the key area of a kitchen and they have never regretted it. I suppose you really aren't ever going to replace your stove, its not going to get worn out and the technology doesn't advance in this area THAT fast to warrant upgrades. So the first stove will hopefully be the last stove so lets make it count.

Eeek - cue panic again. My favorite is the AGA stove, my aunt and uncle have always had an AGA stove in their kitchens and the kitchen was always warm and lovely and it was such a friendly addition....this is high on my "WANT" list. Maybe not in turquoise but how about RED...Oooohh.

There is a side that loves this retro "BIG CHILL" baby but I bake ALOT of doggy cookies and I am frustrated now at the small size of my stove, I have to keep it on for 4 to 5 rounds of baking to get them all done. I would love one that cooks 6 sheets of cookies at a time, is that greedy - talks to the pups.

Of course we all drool over this kahuna but come on, we don't have 22 children, there is no way to justify unless we found a good deal on a used one on craigslist.

So I will continue my research, find more crazy gorgeous European brands but it might just come down to a cool stove on Craigslist or at the ReStore that would be a good fit as well as re-use of someone else's cast off.

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