Monday, January 18, 2010

Grrrrr - retailers

We talk about conspicuous consumption and buying things for the sake of buying or shopping but this seems like conspicuous dumping. For no good reason retail stores are dumping, trashing, disposing of unsold, "out of date" merchandise. Not just a shirt here and a book there, dumpsters full of this stuff. Check out Inhabitat for more on these "outed" retailers and what they are actually doing. How stupid is this, in such a bad economy and with schools and libraries (and let's not even start on the a few Haitians that might need a shirt or two) desperate for books, clothing donations and easy ways to ensure that these items aren't used for resale on eBay or craigslist.....this is senseless and innane, just add it to the list!

H&M and Walmart - article and picture also courtesy of

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